Trio Clay Yoga Showpiece
Trio Clay Yoga Showpiece

Trio Clay Yoga Showpiece

₹ 3170

The trio ladies' ceramic yoga sculpture depicts the energizing spirit of healthy living. Yoga is one of India's best gifts to the world in the age of medicines and surgeries. The trio of ladies in the ceramic sculpture is in three different Asanas, conveying the importance of the yoga Asanas for a particular health issue. The ceramics are beautifully designed and are meant to keep all three in a single place together to convey the message. Thus, this antique piece is affordable and durable and will go the best with every home interior wall colour under any light. The unique clay colour resembles the purity and originality BelAmple offers its customers. So, add this beautiful trio of yoga ladies to the shelves of your living room.


Height-11.5 inch / 12 inch / 10.5 inch

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