Trio White Ceramic Vase
Trio White Ceramic Vase

Trio White Ceramic Vase

₹ 8500

The product comes in three different sizes of vases. The different sizes are meant for different purposes. The smallest one may be for a budding sapling and the bigger one for a money plant or flower. The product is so beautifully designed with a feather print on the vase's front side face, giving it a decent classy look. We can showcase the vases with all three to get an attractive look. The vases are designed for both residential and commercial spaces. We can keep these on the corner shelves of your house, which will beautify your wall corners. BelAmple is doing great, giving a standard quality product with a pretty good amount. 


Small:- Height-12 inch

             width- 4 inch

Medium:- Height-10 inch

                  width- 4 inch

Large- Height - 12 inch

            width - 4 inch


Ceramic Vase


The trio set is so intelligently made, designed uniformly with a smoky print on the vase's body, which gives the jar a decent look.

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